Indoor Environmentalist, Business Founder & Developer


Keith Roe is an accomplished Environmental Industry Professional, multiple Business Founder and a Standards setter for Environmental Remediation and Abatement services.

Currently he is providing in depth on-site Inspections and quantitative testing for a very wide range of Environmental Contaminants as listed under Services on this website, utilizing all known and verified testing methods. He has 30 years of experience and operates from a knowledge basis derived from more than 12 Industry Certifications through the IICRC, IAQA/ACAC, EPA and DEP. From this background, he develops Standards compliant scopes of work, provides project supervision working with the Environmental contractor and produces third-party verification of the results. From these bonified results, a Certificate of Compliance is provided for the property owner. Since 1992, more than 8,000 successful Environmental projects have been completed including HVAC system modifications to establish long term Environmental controls.

His personal management style utilizes effective communication and hands on leadership in training and guiding both service technicians and business owners. He has consistently produced the highest Standard of Care and results with a cost savings to the property owner.

Founder, Owner and Operator – Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc.

Operating as an Independent Consultant to Environmental Services firms,

  1. Creating or refining environmental service offerings.
  2. Providing and guiding technical training and development, at industry standards.
  3. Providing third party testing and forensic Investigations.
  4. Creating certified scopes of work and post testing clearance producing a Certificate of Completion document upon completion.
  5. Providing on site project management services to ensure the highest standards are achieved.
Picture of Keith Roe, Founder and Owner of Advanced IAQ Consulting

Relevant Certifications, License Numbers:

  • CIE- Council Certified Indoor Environmentalist
  • CAI- Certified Allergen Inspector- CAI #1128
  • CRMI- Certified Residential Mold Inspector
  • CMC- Council Certified Microbial Consultant
  • Advanced Mold Inspector- CMA#128
  • Microbial Remediator
  • Microbial Remediator Supervisor
  • Asbestos Building Inspector- Pa. # 042077
  • Lead-based paint Certified Renovator
  • Lead Inspector/Assessor
  • ICRA- Infection Control Risk Assessment
  • DEP Radon Certification #2658
  • NAETI Asbestos Project Designer
  • Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher #754076

Relevant Industry Training Received:

  • “Understanding Mold Contamination in the Indoor Environment”
  • “Recognizing Buildings with Chronic Moisture Problems”
  • “Preventing Moisture and Remediating Mold Contamination in HVAC Systems”
  • “Investigating and Assessing Biological and Microbial Contamination”
  • “Advanced Fungal [Infestations] Workshop”
  • “Mold, IAQ and Industrial Hygiene Sampling”
  • “Allergens, Asthma triggers- EPA-ERMI/ARMI Mold Testing Methods”
  • “Legionella Testing and Abatement Methods”
  • “OSHA Lead in Construction”
  • “ICRA- Infection Control Risk Assessment training”
  • “Lead Paint RRP Practices”
  • “Advanced Stucco and EIFS Inspection (NACHI 19120515)”
  • “2020 CIRI COVID-19 Science Symposium- Pandemic Preparedness”
  • “EmLAb Corona (CoV) SARS-CoV-2 Testing for Environmental Samples”

2020 CIRI Science Symposium Certificate of COVID-19 and Pandemic Preparedness

  • Providing expanded Clean and Disinfect protocols to cover all areas within the structure, floors, surfaces, ambient air and HVAC systems.
  • Surface testing for Sars Virus CoV-2 to identify areas of concern and establish realistic recleaning venues.

EMLab P&K Certificate

Managing HVAC Systems to Reduce Infectious Disease Transmission

Asbestos Building Inspector Refresher

Airborne Mycotoxin Environmental Analysis