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Environmental Consultant Keith Roe Providing Real Indoor Air Quality Test Data

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Advanced IAQ Solutions is field testing devices from GreenTech providing infield studies, environmental testing, and efficacy ratings on products supplying real-time data on the effectiveness of air purification in real-world spaces throughout Covid-19 in 2021.


Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc. is working with leading indoor air quality and purification company GreenTech Environmental to provide infield studies, environmental testing, and efficacy ratings on their innovative product line. This approach of obtaining real-time, realistic environmental settings provides an accurate validation of the effectiveness of combined air purification technologies in real-world home, public, and work spaces.

GreenTech Environmental’s units greatly improve indoor air quality by combining Active Radiant Catalysis, their proprietary UVC photocatalytic oxidation, with Ionization, the streaming of a plasma of electrical charged ions (an AOP stream) to eliminate airborne and surface pathogens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and even viruses.

It’s very important in general to consult with an Environmental Consultant about indoor air quality to know what’s in the air and how air quality issues should be addressed; particularly in light of the covid pandemic. Advanced IAQ Solutions owner and environmental consultant Keith Roe shared the following.

“We answer an extremely important question for people. What’s in the air you’re breathing? Most people don’t know. Breathing is the thing we do most that has the largest impact on our overall health and well being. These field studies give us concrete, actionable information from which we can implement specific protocols to improve indoor air quality for long term health and sustainability.”

This business relationship with GreenTech Environmental will provide ongoing and updated research and development in an industry that needs further and current certifications for the claims they make, especially during the midst of the global covid pandemic.

Jeff Kreidenweis Director of Sales and Finance at GreenTech Environmental said, “We’re very happy to be partnering with Keith Roe of Advanced IAQ Solutions to obtain specific data from actual testing locations. His knowledge and experience really help us to know what’s working and improve the products.”

Advanced IAQ Solutions is a Pennsylvania based company with 30 years of experience serving the east coast of the United States as an environmental consulting company addressing and rectifying the indoor air quality issues and concerns of homeowners, businesses, and government agencies. For more information, call Keith Roe at 610-972-1293 or visit the website.


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