Hazardous substances can be defined as any harmful substance or pollutant that can impact the overall indoor air quality or occupants’ overall Health and Safety. Hazardous, harmful substances can be found in building materials, waste material, construction debris, water supply and sludge materials to name a few primary areas. Indoor air can contain a variety of other health damaging components due to activities, moisture levels and products used within the building.

Advanced IAQ Solutions Inc performs Inspections and testing to discover the presence of and airborne concentration and exposure level to some of the most commonly found hazardous, misused, or disease-causing substances inside a functioning Residential, Commercial or Healthcare facility.
This requires a comprehensive inspection and understanding of the environment that exists and the use and function of the building both past and present. The process starts with a site visit and interview with a key person(s) who are familiar with the use and function of the building as well as the record of occupant health issues or concerns being expressed.

Upon completion of this project, a qualitative and quantitative report will be provided to the client to be used in the developing of the plan to remove and mitigate these substances.

Hazardous Substances List

SARS CoV-2 Coronavirus
Bloodborne Pathogens
Cannabinoid Residue
Combustible & Explosive Gases
Gram Negative Bacteria
Histoplasma Capsulatum
Lead Paint
Legionella bacteria
Methadone Residual
MRSA bacteria
Opioid Presence And Residual
Pathogenic molds
Sewer Gases
Smoke, Soot, and Carbon Black Particulates