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Real-World Environmental Infectious Disease Testing Services Announced

Real-World Environmental Infectious Disease Testing Services Announced for Lehigh Valley and PA

Due to an increase in airborne infectious diseases, Advanced IAQ Solutions revised services address high safety demand. Keith Roe is one of few professionals able to perform testing of real-world product efficacy and Indoor Air Quality to prevent transmission of contagious disease.

In light of developments centered around an overall increase in airborne infectious diseases and the pandemic, Advanced IAQ Solutions is announcing revised services which are in high demand for Lehigh Valley and surrounding Pennsylvania residents, businesses, and organizations in 2022. Environmental Consultant Keith Roe who has over 30 years of experience is one of only a few professionals able to perform certain types of testing.

The first and perhaps most needed service is providing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) profiles to prevent the transmission of viruses and infectious diseases. This is part of the Pandemic Preparedness program now being offered.

The next equally important service is location based, real-time testing of product efficacy performance for air purification and sanitation devices. These tests are done in real-world locations and environments to show actual data for devices within the client’s specific environments.

In addition, Advanced IAQ Solutions will continue to offer long established moisture, mold, and bacterial inspections & testing to provide certified scopes of remediation. Asbestos inspections and testing with 24 hour results continue to be available.

Keith Roe explained why these services are so important. “Identifying critical Indoor Air Quality factors that actually promote the transmission of viruses and diseases is an ever expanding area of study and research based upon current environmental conditions and a multitude of real-time testing results. Research has shown that the quality of the air we breath and the transmission of viruses and diseases are very closely related.”

Prior to the arrival of covid-19, air pollution and poor indoor air quality had been linked to higher rates of illness and mortality. SARS Coronavirus research has found evidence that most viruses, including coronavirus, are frequently spread in the air. Ke Lan expert virologists from Wuhan University hypothesized that tiny airborne droplets can cause coronavirus infections and remain airborne for hours as a viral cloud. Scientists from the Department of Community and Family medicine in Hong Kong also found evidence supporting this. According to a study at Harvard University the same trend holds true. Their study looked at the data from years 2000 to 2016 and found that long term exposure to airborne particulate matter results in an increase in covid-19 death rates based upon their updated data of April 24,2020.

In light of these findings, Advanced IAQ Solutions provides real-time testing and measurement of the 8 most critical environmental factors and contaminants to develop a Virus/Disease Reference Index. From this data cost-effective, corrective action plans are developed specifically for each particular client and location.

Roe shared, “These days identifying IAQ Profiles to combat transmission of contagious disease is in high demand. Long before covid-19 arrived, air pollution and poor indoor air quality were linked to higher rates of illness and death. SARS Coronavirus research has found evidence that the virus, like many others, is most frequently spread in the air.”

From his real-world testing experience Roe shared, “Indoor air quality is extremely important because research has shown that air quality, viruses, and communicable diseases, including covid, are correlated. A big point of concern is indoor air is usually 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, and most people spend a majority of time indoors. An adult person breathes about 22,000 times a day consuming more than 30 pounds of air. This can bring countless airborne contaminants from our local environment into our respiratory system. It is very important to take indoor air quality into consideration and put a plan into action to combat transmission.”

Plans to clean the air in specific spaces are developed by field efficacy testing. After many years of extensive field work, Advanced IAQ Solutions performs real-time, field efficacy tests (Air Purification & Air/Surface Sanitation Device Efficacy Testing) on most leading air purification technologies. They have formulated real-life efficacy ratings from these tests. Based on location specific testing results, adaptations or changes can be made to the indoor environment. This can be via standalone units or involve HVAC system modifications using ASHRAE standards and Pandemic Preparedness Guidelines. With either type of modification, the air quality is greatly enhanced. Whether by standalone air purifiers or increased HVAC system air purification performance, either path can achieve overall desired clean air results. It often depends on what is warranted by the structure and cost basis. These tests are available in commercial, residential, and healthcare settings as well as schools and daycares at affordable cost.

There are different testing types required to validate the design and functionality of products making claims to be air purification devices removing targeted contaminants. To make the claim of removing 99.99% of a contaminant from the air or surfaces, the EPA requires testing to validate that. Testing must be done to rank CADR (clean air delivery rate). The Association of Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) has formulated requirements for their AHAM AC-1 2013 standard. Further testing for electrical certifications are required as well. All this is important, but these closed chamber, lab tests are not real-world, location specific, and therefore do not validate the effectiveness of the unit in a real-life setting.

It is critical that air/surface testing and air quality monitoring be performed in a real-world setting where people reside and devices will be used. The ever changing and varied indoor air environment has a great impact in how air purification units actually perform in comparison to closed chamber lab tests. Units that utilize UVC, PCO, BPI, Activated Oxygen, or HEPA filters are valid technologies and can offer a broad range of air purification. However tests have revealed these technologies can actually create other airborne compounds. Untypical levels of formaldehyde or ozone can occur depending on the technology of the units being used. Relative humidity, temperature, and even levels of Carbon Dioxide can significantly reduce effectiveness and efficacy claims made through other types of testing.

Those interested in learning more about indoor air quality improvement by way of real-world testing can contact Keith Roe at Advanced IAQ Solutions at 610-972-1293 or email for no cost initial consultations.

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