Professional Inspections and testing for mold is a critical part of establishing a safe living, work, and Healthcare environment. Before you buy a home or occupy a building, it is very wise to have mold inspection and air testing done by a certified and qualified mold professional. Home inspectors will not provide the total picture and won’t typically have the training and certifications to report if the molds are allergenic or pathogenic and what the most likely impact on your health this condition will bring. Also, what mold remediation steps are needed to reverse the mold condition to an acceptable level will not be provided by home inspectors either.

What is Mold?

Molds are a fungus and can be classified into allergenic or pathogenic types. Yes, that includes the term “black molds” that you read and hear about so often. Fungus will grow wherever moisture and host materials are present. This is often where you cannot see them. They multiply and produce spores that become airborne and are also found in the dust and often on surfaces within our buildings. When they enter our respiratory systems, they affect our long-term health and well-being.

Mold and Moisture Inspections

Evaluating the mold condition within a building must start with a thorough and well-planned mold/moisture inspection. This will identify conditions that support mold growth and inspect areas that are not easily accessed. This includes the HVAC system and inside the wall cavities, attics, crawl spaces etc. Measuring the moisture load of a building is critical.

Mold Testing

There are several well-established ways to test for the presence of molds. Spore trap air testing gives you a total mold spore load in the indoor environment and identifies the molds present quantitatively. Viable mold testing procedures, both from air and surfaces will identify the viable mold spores present by species so it can be established if they are pathogenic, potentially disease causing through mycotoxins they release.

Also, the ERMI testing method gives you a mold score for your overall building. When to use these individual methods is discussed with each client as is consistent to what information they seek.

Mold Inspection and Testing Costs

This combined service is affordable and can be tailored to the budget that is established upon our initial free consultation. There will be lab analysis costs that will be minimized by our mold professional to include only what is needed. Also Advanced IAQ Solutions does not profit from the costs that are passed along to you. We will work with your insurance company adjuster if this is part of a water damage claim.

Mold Inspection and Testing Reports

Our experienced and fully certified inspectors will provide a complete and comprehensive report of the findings and an interpretation of the third-party lab reports. That’s not all. It will also include a certified Mold remediation plan that is compliant with all established remediation protocols such as the IICRCS520 standards, ASHRAE 62.2 as well as other government sponsored agencies as applicable to your individual building and circumstances. This will result in a cost guideline that you should expect to pay. Our professional will provide reference to qualified, certified and licensed remediation companies upon request. NO SURPRISES!

Mold Remediation Validation

Once the mold remediation is complete our fully certified mold remediation specialist will inspect the project and perform the necessary testing to validate that the indoor air quality results achieved are acceptable and no long-term condition that may support mold is present. A certificate of completion is then provided for your records.

Advanced IAQ Consulting Provides Long Term Solutions

If supplemental air dehumidification, air purification or air and surface disinfection devices are needed for maintaining long term health and safety, they will be recommended based upon the individual manufacturer’s overall design and technology and testing results.

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