Response to COVID-19

In response to the SARS-CoV-19 novel Coronavirus pandemic, our previous experience with Biohazards and recent training and certifications acquired, allow us to provide Risk Mitigation Services that include: Site Investigations, testing, and removal of the virus from your environment, development of a site-specific C&D (clean and disinfect) protocol based upon the CDC models being developed continuously. The successful implementation of this program will be documented with a Certificate of Compliance for your property or business.
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Pandemic Preparedness

Pandemic Preparedness goes beyond following CDC clean and disinfect Guidelines, practicing social distancing and wearing face coverings. It entails the careful evaluation of many factors within the occupied building. How the building is going to be used by employees and customers ? What HAVC and environmental controls are in place ? Proper ventilation, filtration and use of supplemental UVCGI or BPI are also critical factors in stopping the COVID 19 spread inside the building. The viral cloud can extend the infectious virus out to 26’ from the source and remain airborne for up to 18 hours or more.

Continual testing and research are revealing the a major transmission route of the virus is by airborne transmission. A well designed Pandemic Preparedness plan incorporates all critical factors and advises the property owner where to put their investment in making the building a safer place for employees and customers. There is no cost for the initial discussion and clarification by a continually trained and certified
Pandemic consultant.

COVID-19/ IAQ Compliant Buildings Services

These services are developed to prepare a building for reopening for continued use by employees and customers and to design a CDC compliant C&D (clean and disinfect) ongoing program for the best health and safety of the occupants. Any other critical IAQ condition will also be monitored and reviewed for needed action. Each phase can be implemented in separate progressive steps as desired.

Phase I Evaluation Program:

1. A comprehensive building and HVAC inspection is performed monitoring the 10 most common IAQ problem areas. The  inspection includes critical points as defined by ASHRAE 62, ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force , August 19, 2020 and applicable CDC Clean and disinfect programs. This is performed by an experienced and certified IEP who also will take at least 4 designated surface samples to detect the RNA/DNA presence of SARS CoV-2 virus.
2. Inspection of the HVAC system(s) for microbial or biofilm presence as well as a surface test for SARS CoV-2 virus.
3. A written evaluation of lab results and findings will be provided by an experienced and certified IEP which includes a remedial scope of work consistent with all published standards and Guidelines. A budget will be developed for required mitigation services.

Phase II - C&D Services Program

Scopes of Work Provided For:
1. A standards compliant C&D (Clean and Disinfect) program will be defined specifically for this site’s primary use and ongoing operation.  This will utilize only EPA registered disinfectant products or devices in compliance with the CDC and CIRI (Cleaning Industry Research Standards). The required use of combined HEPA filtration and UV-C disinfection to reduce any airborne transmission is included during this process.
2. A NADCA based air duct cleaning and disinfection of the forced air systems using Chlorine dioxide gas is performed. Each system will be re-inspected after completion for visual cleanliness and resampled for the presence of SARS C0V-2 RNA.
3. Any other identified Environmental problem(s) of critical nature will be addressed after a discussion with and approval by the client.

(services will be quoted for approval)

Phase III - Compliance Verification

1. A reinspection and required testing will be performed which includes a repeat of SARS CoV-2 using qPCR analysis of any previously infected surfaces.
2. An ongoing cost-effective program of cleaning and disinfection for prevention of the Coronavirus transmission will be provided. This may be integrated with the building’s planned cleaning and maintenance schedule to include HVAC.
3. Upon satisfactory inspection and test results a Certificate of Compliance and Preparedness will be issued for that building site.

Advanced IAQ Solutions’ COVID Cleaning And Disinfecting Services

The COVID-19 era magnifies the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning removes germs and impurities from surfaces, whereas disinfecting completely kills them. Both actions are necessary and can help slow down virus transmission.

Advanced IAQ Solutions has elevated their cleaning and disinfecting services for the pandemic, according to official guidelines set forth from health agencies.

We perform all our services with products specifically designated by these agencies to fight COVID-19 while using and wearing personal protective equipment as safeguards for both our employees and yours.

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Surface Cleaning

The coronavirus has an unusually long life cycle. It can be detected on metal, plastic, and copper surfaces for up to 3 or 4 days, and for 24 hours on cardboard supplies. Along with airborne transmission through moisture droplets, contact with these infected surfaces is a common way the virus is spread.  However, airborne transmission can extend up to 26’ and remain airborne for 18 hours or more.

Advanced IAQ Solutions follows clinical guidelines to thoroughly clean and disinfect high-contact surfaces most likely to carry the COVID virus: floors, doorknobs, countertops, bathroom fixtures, handrails, faucets, sinks, phones, light switches, and more.

Our COVID cleaning and disinfecting procedure, as suggested by multiple health and sanitation sources, includes:

● Cleaning hard floors with hot water and ammonium products

● Cleaning carpeted floors with hot water extraction

● Cleaning high-touch surfaces with EPA-registered antimicrobial products and microfiber cloth

● Disinfecting and wiping off hard surfaces

Following official recommendations, Advanced IAQ Solutions performs this service in “negative air condition,” or allowing filtered outside air to circulate in the cleaning environment for at least 24 hours.

HVAC Servicing

Since COVID-19 is an airborne virus, its circulation through internal air ventilation and conditioning systems can increase its spread. It’s therefore important to have HVAC systems regularly serviced during the pandemic.

In fact, a properly maintained HVAC system can potentially play a bigger role in reducing the transmission of the coronavirus. An HVAC can circulate contaminated indoor air to the outside and bring cleaner outdoor air indoors. This small but significant measure is reason enough to have HVAC systems professionally serviced.

Advanced IAQ Solutions’ HVAC cleaning, as recommended by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, includes:

● Cleaning and sanitizing air-handling units, coils, and drain pans

● Changing in-line filters and disposing of replaced ones

Air duct and forced air system cleaning and disinfecting with chlorine dioxide gas

Environmental Consulting and COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Services

Advanced IAQ Solutions works with businesses to develop and enact action plans for certified COVID air quality testing and curbing the spread of the coronavirus. Our environmental quality plans incorporate strategies as issued from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers. We also help businesses attain COVID safety standards as set forth from the CDC, WHO, EPA, and OSHA.

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Advanced IAQ Solutions staffers are fully certified to search and test businesses for the presence of SARS-CoV-2. We’re always on top of the latest guidelines and measures for controlling the spread of COVID-19 and can help your business incorporate them into a solid and comprehensive mitigation plan. Contact us to find out more.

Using HVAC For Mitigating The Spread Of COVID

The World Health Organization suggests making adjustments to HVAC systems so they’re likely to restrict the transmission of the coronavirus. The virus can travel through forced air into offices and rooms where humans can contract it.

One recommendation is to leave HVAC systems in operation 24 hours a day, instead of shutting them off at night or on weekends. This increases the exchange of fresh air from the outside, replacing potentially contaminated air inside. HVAC users may also choose to adjust their systems to minimize airflow, which slows down the speed and agitation of forced air, inhibiting the potential transmission of the virus.

HVAC adjustments offices may take to maximize protection include replacing fixed-speed motors with variable-speed devices, installing and changing HEPA filters that sift out most contaminated molecules, using high-performance air purifiers, and making airflow orientation more vertical. Advanced IAQ Solutions can help your business decide what protective measures work best and put them into effect.

COVID Air Quality Test And Surface Test

New procedures are in place for evaluating ambient air and surfaces for the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID. Certified COVID air quality testing is vital because businesses are responsible for the overall health and safety of their employees and customers during operating hours.

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COVID certified air quality testing is advised both before and after cleaning. Although the test doesn’t necessarily vouch for the air quality of the entire environment, it does measure the presence of COVID-19 in specific high-risk areas.

Surface tests consisting of collecting swab samples which are analyzed and evaluated for the genetic presence of the virus. Although all touchable surfaces can and should be evaluated, HVAC systems are particularly important to verify through a COVID air quality test, since they’re composed of a lot of metal components and have elements like coils that are rarely cleaned.

For COVID air quality testing, Advanced IAQ Solutions conducts a qPCR analysis of surfaces that are known to have carried the coronavirus in the past. We provide cost-effective guidelines, outlining specific actions that can be performed during regular building cleaning and maintenance. Once your building has passed inspections, we issue your building written certification of compliance and preparedness against the coronavirus spread.

The Importance Of COVID Certified Air Quality Testing And Cleaning

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed business and home life and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Businesses planning to reopen during the coronavirus crisis need to have a strategy in place to mitigate its spread and maintain public health.

Advanced IAQ Solutions’ certified COVID air quality testing and Pandemic Preparedness Plans equip those businesses meet scientific standards for safety and sanitation that have been established for the pandemic. These measures were specifically drawn up to slow down the overall spread of COVID while allowing businesses to resume operations.

More importantly, our COVID-19 testing, C & D cleaning protocols and HVAC system modifications combined with air disinfection equipment enable businesses to keep their employees, customers, and clients safe. A confident staff is a productive staff, and Advanced IAQ Solutions can help make your business maintain consistent output and reduce employee sick leave.

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